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summer shool held at SJTU


As the one of the coeducational programs, Summer School was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
from August 9th to August 20th.
27 students from KU had paritcipated and studied a  lot with some students from Pusan National University
and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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CAMPUS Asia Study Tour in North Kyushu Area


From June 30th to July 1st, EEST course M1 students and exchange students from SJTU and PNU went on a field trip to North Kyushu area.
It was great opportunities for all students to visit Japanese big companies, facilities, and cultural properties.
Also, they could make close relationships with each other by communicating in English for 2 days!

Visit Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal                              

Nissan Motor Kyushu Corporation

Kitakyushu City Ano Purification Plant

Discussion Session after dinner!

Munakata Shrine                                                              Miyajidake Shrine

Marine World Aquarium Umi-no-nakamichi

Graduation Ceremonies


The graduation ceremonies were held on March 24 at KU, and 26th at SJTU,
then the 3rd DD students and EEST course students set out for their new lives.
After the ceremony, we had a FD meeting with SJTU students as usual years.

    Chikushi Hall

 SJTU exchange students at Ito campus   Attending and waiting for the ceremony starts

   Chikushi hall


          FD meeting


Some of the exchange students are going back and some will stay in Japan for job and study

 They have got double degrees finally

                                     Prof. Wang had always been by our side from the start to today...

Spring Seminar2017, Kick-Off Symposium (Feb 22) and Kagoshima Study Tours (Feb 23-25)


A kick-off symposium on the second phase of KU CAMPUS Asia was held on the first day of the spring seminar.
It concluded successfully with the welcomed parties of about 50 CA students and 30 faculties from 3 universities, many special guests, and affiliated with CA.
On the following day, around 50 students and faculties participated in Kagoshima study tours and had various and valuable experiences.
With the experiences the students had been through together, they will definitely tighten their relationship internationally as the CAMPUS Asia program students from now on.

 Venue of Kick-off symposium             Opening address by Prof. S-I, Itoh

   Special address by Mr. Taura, MEXT            Foreign Professors

 Introduction of KU int'l program by Prof. Ogata       Prof. Mizuno

             Lectures by Professors from 3 universities

 Signing ceremony for extension of students exchange agreement aiming DD
      Prof. S. Yang, SJTU,  Prof. A. harata, KU,  Prof. S. Lee, PNU

Group photo of the symposium

Sendai thermal plant

   Group presentation         

 Discussion session 
                        Kirishima Shrine
   Kyocera company museum

  Observation of Kyocera productus

        Sengan-en Japanese garden, Kagoshima city

MEXT Minister’s Award in Engineering Education


Japanese Society of Engineering Education (JSEE) highly evaluated our CA program and awarded Engineering Education Award (MXAT Minister’s Award in Engineering and Education). 
At the occasion of its 2016 annual meeting, award ceremony was held at September, 5 in Osaka University and the CA program has got Award Certificate shown below.  Evaluated achievements were “JSEE highly evaluated CAMPUS Asia EEST projects which have been operated under consortium of three universities (KU, PNU and SJTU) for their high level of education and contribution of international exchange of students.
After the ceremony, the CA program got a chance to introduce the program to the audience.

          Takashi Fukushima, Director, Technical Education Division
       (Representative of MEXT Minister, left side) giving Certificate award (above)