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CAMPUS Asia 1st DD students successfully presented the doctoral dissertation for Green Asia Program.


Mr. Yuki Furutani and Mr. Tomoaki Hirakawa, CAMPUS Asia's 1st Double Degree students, graduated in 2015, delivered the excellent presentations in the doctoral dissertation defense for Kyushu University Advanced Graduate Program, Green Asia's doctoral course.

Title:Detailed Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Primary and Secondary Pyrolysis of Lignin

Title:Two-Dimensional Regular Traveling Waves in Shallow Water and Irregular Ocean Waves


Master's Thesis Defense by KU and SJTU DD students.


On Jan. 10, 11 DD students, 3 from KU and 8 from SJTU, presented their Master's thesis defense with their supervisors of both Universities watching. Every DD student tried to answer questions or comments about his/her thesis from their supervisors and successfully finished the presentation.


☆Presentation of Master's Thesis by DD students☆

☆Questions or comments from the supervisors after the defense☆

Master's Thesis Defense by KU and PNU DD students.


On Dec. 11, 4 DD students, one from PNU and three from KU, gave their Master's thesis defenses through TV Conference System from KU to PNU, as their supervisors of both Universities and other observers in their Labs were seriously watching.


 ⇧ Master's Thesis Defense


⇧ DD students,answering questions or advices from their supervisors after defense


19th CSS-EEST was held on KU Chikushi Campus.


From Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, 2017, 19th CSS-EEST was held on Kyushu University, Chikushi Campus, as the host university.
There were about 173 students participating, 66 from KU, 77 from PNU, and 30 from SJTU, and delivered oral and poster presentations in their research fields of Material, Energy, and Environment. Every student shared his/her ideas or opinions with other researchers and received valued advice on their researches. During these 3 days, we could also deepen our international relationships among three Universities!

☆Opening Speech                      By KU Prof. Ito                                 By SJTU Prof. Choi


☆Poster Presentation

☆Nominees for Best Oral and Best Poster Presentation

☆CAMPUS Asia PDCA Meeting


CAMPUS Asia Program Member's Meeting held at MEXT on Oct. 31


CA office staff, Miki attended CAMPUS Asia member's meeting held at MEXT on Oct. 31. With staffs from MEXT, NIAD-QE, JSPS, and other universities members, we shared information about outcome and outlook of CA Program, and also KU's requests for managing CA Program.