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CAMPUS Asia Program Member's Meeting held at MEXT on Oct. 31


CA office staff, Miki attended CAMPUS Asia member's meeting held at MEXT on Oct. 31. With staffs from MEXT, NIAD-QE, JSPS, and other universities members, we shared information about outcome and outlook of CA Program, and also KU's requests for managing CA Program.


Prof. Lee Youngjin from PNU visited Chikushi Campus on Oct. 20th.


On Oct. 20th, Prof. Lee Youngjin from PNU came to Chikushi Campus.
We could hear from him about KU DD students, who are now studying in PNU and how their lives in Korea are.
And then, KU DD students, who went to PNU last year, and a new DD student from PNU got together and talked with Prof. Lee about new information and important advice for their studies and lives in Korea and Japan, and so on. They had a very good time together!!


Autum Semester 2017 has started!


Autum Semester 2017 has started!
CAMPUS Asia has a new exchange student, Ju Hongsu from PNU in this Semester.
Prof. TANABE, who retired last month, has also come to Chikushi Campus from Osaka to give a lecture every Tuesday.
The pictures below are foreign students, who are seriously attending Prof. TANABE's class and Prof. Wang's class.
Study hard !(^^)!

   Prof. TANABE's class:Research Seminar on Energy and Environmental Science and Engineering

  Prof. WANG' class:Advanced Topics of Energy, Environment and Materials I

Prof. TANABE retired on September 30th.


Prof. TANABE completed his job as a professor and a coordinator in CAMPUS Asia Program on September 30th.
From April 2012, Prof. TANABE has done a lot to promote the CA Program, and we deeply thank him for his hard work and kindness to all students, alumni, and staff members in CAMPUS Asia.
Although Prof. TANABE retired, he continues to have a class here every Tuesday from October to next March.
So, feel free to come to see him to CA office every Tuesday and learn more from him!!



summer shool held at SJTU


As the one of the coeducational programs, Summer School was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
from August 9th to August 20th.
27 students from KU had paritcipated and studied a  lot with some students from Pusan National University
and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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