Academic calendar (2012)
Start of academic year Sun. April 1st  
Spring break Sun. April 1st - Sun. April 8th  
Routine health check for students

Morning of Mon. April 2nd
Morning of Thu. April 5th

1st year master's(from Kyushu University)
1st year master's(from other universities)
Afternoon of Fri. April 13rd 2nd year master's, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year doctoral(Man and woman)
Graduate school entrance ceremony Morning of Fri. April 6th  
Orientation Afternoon of Fri. April 6th  
Safety education Mon. April 9th-Tue. April 10th

The master degree program enrollment.
The doctor's course enrollment.

First semester lessons begin Wed. April 11th  
School foundation day Sat. May 12th-Mon. May 14th non-school day
Summer break Tue. August 7th - Sun. September 30th  
Degree awars ceremony Mon. September 24th  
First semester ends Sun. September 30th  
Second semester begins Mon. October 1st  
Doctoral Course entrance ceremony Morning of Tue. October 2nd  
Second semester lessons begin Wed. October 3rd  
Sports festival Sat. October 6th  
Kyushu University Festival Fri. November 23rd - Mon. November 26th  
Winter break Tue. December 25th - Sun. January 6th  
Entrance Exam Center exams Sat. January 19th - Sun. January 20th  
Individual academic achievement test for prospective students (First schedule) Mon. February 25th - Tue. February 26th  
Individual academic achievement test for prospective students (Second schedule) Tue. March 12th  
Degree awards ceremony Tue. March 26th  
Second semester ends Sun. March 31st  

@ (Note)Classes are sometimes conducted during non-school days and exams if there is a particular need.