Doctor Course

✔ Doctor’s degree (3 years)

The doctor's degree is awarded upon the successful examination of an acceptable thesis, usually after 3 years academic research.
An applicant must already hold a master's degree from a university or an accredited institution, or expect to earn a Master’s degree before they enrol in IGSES.
Students who have performed exceptionally well in their research may be awarded their doctorate in less than 3 years.


✔ Advice for Potential Applicants

The faculty members of IGSES frequently receive e-mails from prospective students who are seeking a supervisor to sponsor their doctoral research. As a consequence many professors are unable to respond in a timely manner. Please do not be discouraged if you do not receive a response immediately as in general, professors are always positive about accepting new high quality graduate students from overseas.

We would encourage potential applicants to tailor their request to a specific professor’s research and not to send general emails requesting studentships to multiple professors. In this case such emails may be ignored.

Nevertheless we understand that inquiries to multiple professors from a prospective student may occur due to the fact that sometimes professors refuse to respond to e-mails from unfamiliar students.

In order to prevent unnecessary inquires and the wasting of both the prospective students and professors time, we highly recommend applicants pay strict attention to the following advice and guidelines, before sending an e-mail to an IGSES faculty.


● Please keep in mind that most professors are enthusiastic in welcoming excellent applicants. Professors will assess whether a potential applicant possess sufficient academic ability, such as a basic knowledge of their chosen research area, a strong ability for self-learning, excellent communication and presentation skills as well as a strong motivation to undertake doctoral level research.

● You should undertake extensive preparation and research into the activities of your chosen professor. Most professors and their research groups have detailed websites and extensive publication lists.

● If your current Masters research supervisor is acquainted with an IGSES faculty member whom you are interested in, it may be helpful in accessing your ability.

● It is unlikely that a professor will be willing to provide both a scholarship and an opportunity for study to an unknown applicant with an insufficient ability.

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