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Program Outline How to Apply
  • ✔ Program Outline

    “Research Student” is a scheme for those who wish to pursue research on a certain topic under the guidance of our faculty but do not intend to receive an academic degree.


    1. Entry Requirements

    Applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or an academic qualification which is recognized as equivalent.


    2. Schedule of admission

    Enrollment Deadline
    For Japanese*1 For International Students *2
    ①*3 ②*4
    April 1 January 31 November 15 December 15
    October 1 July 31 May 15 June 15

    *1: Including International Students who are residents of Japan.
    *2: International Students who live outside Japan.
    *3: As a general rule, the deadline for the international students is “①” due to obtaining a visa and so on.
    *4: Due to unavoidable circumstances (Ex. Waiting for notification of the result of Master/Doctoral entrance exam), if you are not able to submit the required documents by the deadline “①”, you are available to submit them by the deadline “②”



    3. Period

    The duration available to research students that enroll in April is either 6 months or 1 year from the point of application. In contrast, 6 months is the duration for research students that enroll in October. If there is an intention to continue as a research student beyond the expiration date, the student must apply to the dean for permission with prior consent from their supervisor as well as .


    4. Fees

    ▶ ︎Screening fee: 9,800 yen

    ▶ ︎Admission Fees: 84,600 yen

    ▶ ︎Tuition Fees: 29,700 yen / month (Annual total of 356,400 yen)


    ■Semi-annual payments for tuition fees are required in April and October (178,200 yen each).

    ■Admission fees and tuition fees may be modified without notice by the university.


    5. Contact information


    IGSES Student Affairs Division

    6-1 Kasuga –koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580, Japan

    Phone: (country code 81)-92-583-7512


    6. Others

    ▶ ︎In addition to the admission fee and tuition fee, the payment method for the living expense and other possible expenses need to be secured prior to submitting the application. (The document which shows the students’ financial condition is necessary to apply for a student visa. Details of the visa process will be announced after the offer of admission.)

    ▶ ︎When students wish to withdraw from the university, they must apply to the dean for permission with prior consent of their supervisor and the head of department.

    ▶ ︎Students may request certificates of studentship or school attendance.

    ▶ ︎Those who default on payments of tuition fees or are found to be inappropriate as a research student may be expelled from the university by the Dean.

  • Step 1: Find a supervisor


    Prior to the application, applicants must gain agreement from an IGSES academic staff member as a prospective supervisor.


    A list of academic staff who welcome excellent applicants can be found on the following link.

    <potential supervisor>

    Please carefully read the explanation shown in the initial part of the above page.

    Step 2: Prepare necessary documents

    #1 Application Form and Resume<Link to MS-Excel file>
    #2 Graduation Certificate or Statement that confirms expected graduation: to be issued by the university from which you graduated most recently
    #3 Academic Transcripts: to be issued by the university from which you graduated most recently

    All documents submitted in a language other than English must be supplemented with officially translated and certified copies in the English language.

    Any documents submitted to Kyushu University will NOT be returned.

    Step 3: Contact your supervisor by email


    Please send your application documents (scanned files) to your prospective supervisor by email.
    Then, the admission office will check whether your application documents are complete in advance.
    After checking the documents, procedure to pay screening fee (9,800 JPY) will be notified.
    <Link to [How to pay screening fee] >

    Step 4: Post application documents to IGSES


    Documents to be submitted via post


    TO: Prospective supervisor

    Kyushu University Chikushi Campus,

    6-1 Kasuga –koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580, Japan

    Step 5: Approval of your application


    ・A certificate of admission will be sent to applicants who are matriculated.

    ・Those who receive the certificate should promptly pay admission fees.

    ・Tuition fees should be paid within 20 days from the date of enrollment.