Molecular and Material Sciences

Website of the Department of MMS

The Department of Molecular and Material Sciences (MMS) aims to provide comprehensive education and research by integrating the disciplines of physics, materials, and chemistry based on an overall view of science and engineering related to materials, and to train the next-generation of researchers and highly specialized engineers.

In the laboratories, the original objectives of materials science are deeply explored by measuring and analyzing higher-order structures. Furthermore, unique reactions and material functions are also explored and new functional materials are developed. The systemization of a new materials science in order to ensure prosperous life activities on earth is also promoted.


MMS provides seven major courses as follows:

  • Solid Surface Science concentrates experimental studies on the structures and reactions of solid surfaces, and quantum theory.
  • Functional and Structural Materials Science investigates the properties of inorganic matter, metals, alloys and ceramics, and their design development.
  • Molecular Dynamics and Spectroscopy conducts measurements and analysis of the structure, reactions and properties of molecules, molecular aggregates and macromolecules.
  • Strength of Materials studies biomedical materials and advanced materials in natural energy field from a mechanics point of view.
  • Design of Functional Organic Molecules works on the design and synthesis of molecules with unique structures or properties
  • Organic and Organometallic Synthesis tries to develop new organic reactions and synthetic reagents
  • Development of Advanced Materials focuses on the development and analysis of advanced materials.


Application of laser-interaction with surface molecules and atoms,
and characterization of surface structures on the atomic scale

Development and application of nano- and bio-materials and functional devices

Exploration of molecular catalysts and new synthetic reactions