Volume 1 Issue 2 ( September 2014 )

Pages 12-17

Performance Evaluation of Wind Decontamination System by Computational Fluid Dynamics

Cong Li, Kazuhide Ito


In the event of a severe nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) incident, perhaps related to terrorism or a nuclear power plant accident, rapid and effective decontamination procedures for the human body become critically important during on-site rescue operations. In this study, we propose a new decontamination system based on forced convection, called the wind decontamination system (WDCS). The fundamental performance of a WDCS prototype is evaluated by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The mass transfer characteristics of the WDCS air jets that act on the human body are quantitatively discussed, based on the CFD results.

Keywords:Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Decontamination System, Mass Transfer coefficient