Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Productivity Improvement of HLLS Using Lean Technique in Assembly Line of an Automotive Industry

Anil Kumar, Rakesh Giri, Shivnath Mishra, Niraj Gupta


Manufacturing industries are very much dependent on the strategy which is adopted by the manufacturers to improve their performance in such a highly competitive environment. Sustaining the business performance and improving it in continual mode is another matter of concern for the business managers. Companies recognize lean practices to be a useful methodology for the reaching of more efficient performance in manufacturing processes. The basic principle behind the success of lean manufacturing is how manufacturing waste is identified and eliminated from the system. This study focuses how processing waste in manufacturing cycle of Head Lamp Leveling Switch assembly line can be minimized through adoption of lean manufacturing tools. Lean techniques such as Kaizen and line balancing have been adopted to reduce the cycle time and ultimately to increase productivity of product head lamp leveling switch (HLLS) from 450 pieces to 586 pieces in a shift of 7.5 hour.

Keywords: Lean Tools; Kaizen; Productivity Improvement; HLLS; Processing waste.