Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


A Numerical Investigation of an Offshore Overhead Power Transmission System

Ruo Luo, Hongzhong Zhu, Changhong Hu


An improved numerical model is proposed to investigate the dynamics of an offshore overhead power transmission system. The hydrodynamic performance of the TLP type tower is evaluated by a potential flow theory method, and the aerodynamic performance of the electric wire is analyzed by lumped parameter method. The numerical model has been validated by comparison to water tank tests. The TLP type tower and the weight control system to reduce the body-wire interaction are newly designed for better performance in the condition of wind and wave. We found that the wire dynamics are significantly affected by the wave direction and wind direction through the numerical simulation, so the wind-wave misalignment conditions should be considered in the system safety assessment. Additionally, the safety situation of conductor wires under different environments can be studied by time-domain simulations, which can be used in system designs and feasibility discussions.

Keywords: Offshore overhead power transmission; Coupling analysis of TLP tower and electric wire; Safety evaluation; Wind- wave misalignment.