Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Performance Enhancement of TSAH using Graphene and Graphene/CeO2 -Black Paint Coating on Absorber: A Comparative Study

Rahul Kumar, Sujit Kumar Verma, Naveen Kumar Gupta, Santosh Kumar Singh


The effectiveness of a triangle solar air heater can be enhanced by applying a coating on the absorber surface. The findings of comparative research of nanomaterial and hybrid nanomaterial coating on the absorber surface to improve the performance of a triangle solar air heater are presented in this article. To measure the heat transfer rate, thermal efficiency, exergy efficiency, and entropy generation the triangle solar heater is designed. Absorber plates coated with graphene and graphene/CeO2 -black paint doped into black paint in the amount of 2 % nanomaterial to enhance heat absorption. The outcomes are shown for constant air mass flow rates of 0.018 kg/s. The thermal and exergy efficiency of the graphene/CeO2 -black paint coating on the TSAH absorber plate is 3.563% and 0.55% respectively, higher than that of a graphene-black paint coating when the solar intensity is between 750 and 1220 W/m2 .Entropy generation is higher for graphene-black paint and lower for percent graphene/CeO2 -black paint.

Keywords: Nanomaterial, triangular solar air heater, Heat transfer, solar intensity, Coating.