Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Applications and Challenges of Carbon-fibres reinforced Composites: A Review

Manoj Kumar Gupta, Vishesh Singhal, Nitesh Singh Rajput


Carbon-fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) or Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics composites is a material that has caught the interest of many industries due to its excellent properties like strength, lightweight, crashworthiness, style, looks, and many more. This paper discussed the manufacturing of carbon fibres and CFRPs. The properties of carbon fibres and carbon-fiber reinforced plastics composites are discussed in detail. The applications of Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics composites in the field of automotive and aerospace elaborated in detail. The challenges, recycling of CFRPs, and new approaches in the field of fibres reinforced plastic composites are also addressed in this paper.

Keywords: CFRPs, CFRP properties, recycling, automotive, aerospace.