Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Experimental Investigation for Tribological Properties in Mixed Regime of Lubrication with VG-46 and VG-32.

Sachin Mittal, Dr. Vinod Kumar Mittal


One of the utmost important liquid lubrication regime is mixed lubrication regime as it occurs in almost all of the industrial machines & equipments. The most of the major impairments such as wear, micro pitting etc. happen in this lubrication regime. These days, mixed lubrication regime is the least tacit and so a lot of scope for the research is available in the same. Therefore, authors have focused themselves to investigate the effect on various tribological parametersi.e., friction & wear for sliding pair of EN31 & Brass with VG-46 & VG-32 hydraulic oils in mixed lubrication regime. This tribological pair is the most important and standard pair used in various industrial applications. VG-46 & VG-32 are also the most effective lubricants used in various industrial setups. This study will be helpful for various practical applications further because of its widely industrial applicability.

Keywords: mixed lubrication; frictional force, wear, EN31, Brass, VG-46, VG-32