Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


A Postural Risk Assessment of Manual Dairy Farm Workers using NIOSH Lifting Equation

Umesh Gurnani, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Sain, M. L. Meena


The postural risk assessment plays a very important role in calculation of musculoskeletal fatigue in human beings. A study in similar contrast contributes to an enhanced intellect of NIOSH Lifting Equation in consideration to the weight lifting conditions of manual dairy farm workers through an exhaustive description of the process involved in measuring variables affecting the risk score of an individual. NIOSH Lifting Equation is an Ergonomic technique with a systematic approach to calculate the risk score of workers involved in frequent and heavy load lifting tasks. A data driven approach capturing both films and photographs was used for evaluation along with measurement tools to calculate risk score from initial to final point of loading. The evaluation resulted in Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) of 27.86 Kgs and Lifting Index (Li) of 1.23. A trained analyst helped handling the device and also the calculation of lifting index (Li) in dairy farm area. A revised form of NIOSH Lifting equation with systematic and reliable procedures resulted in modifications in design of workstations that involved frequent load lifting for workers in dairy farm, thereby reducing the musculoskeletal disorders.

Keywords: Musculoskeletal disorders, NIOSH equation , Dairy farming, Occupational safety