Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Non-Invasive Invitro Modelling and Finite Elemental Analysis of a Uniquely Designed Prosthetic Hand

Aparna Jha, Manoj Soni, Mohd Suhaib


In the presented work a unique design for the upper limb prosthesis is evaluated for the stress concentration by the help of finite element analysis method. This paper gives validation for the novel prosthesis design. Human hand is most difficult body part to mimic both aesthetically and functionally. To obtain a functional prosthesis studying stresses developed in the most functional parts of hand prosthesis is mandatory. A static 3D structural finite element approach was followed. This study gives overall distribution of stress on the tendon, pulley and palm being the maximum force exerting parts. Thus, design efficiency is validated and fabrication of said hand is done using 3D printing. Fabrication of the prosthetic hand has been designed with the safe limits of factor of safety and have been designed for a maximum of weight lifted of 0.5 kg and it is tested safe as per finite element analysis.

Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Prosthetic Hand, 3D – Printing, Biomedical Devices, Fabrication