Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Proactive Ergonomic Assessment for a New Product Development Program in Virtual Environment

Shraddha Bharti, Chintan Patel, Shailesh Chamalwar


Ergonomic projects tend to be highly reactive and often triggered by injuries, occupational hazards, accidents etc. It becomes a costly affair when organizations fail to anticipate the ergonomic issues at preliminary stage of product development. Hence it is not only important to foresee ergonomic concerns but also to take proactive actions to minimize damage. This paper suggests a framework to identify risks in advance to eliminate or mitigate the risk to acceptable level. With the aid of Digitalization, sub-tools have been employed to further investigate the identified risks in early stage to improve efficiency and visualization.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Digitalization, Manufacturing, Proactive, Safety