Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


An Overview of Recent Development and Application of Friction Stir Processing Technique

Manish Maurya, Ambrish Maurya, Sudhir Kumar


In current scenario, friction stir processing (FSP) is used for the development of surface composite. This process improves the grain refinement, which refines the localize grain size of the material near the stir zone. Owing to grain refinement, tensile strength and hardness of the material are significantly improved. Several studies have been reported related to research work performed by various researchers on FSP in the archival literature. The main emphasis of this study is to evaluate the mechanical properties investigated by the various researchers. This article presents the summary of research work performed on different types of material, reinforcement material used for the development of composite and application of FSP process.

Keywords: Friction stir processing, mechanical properties, matrix material, reinforcement material.