Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Message Security Enhanced By Bit Cycling Encryption and Bi-LSB Technique

Anju Gera, Vaibhav Vyas


Steganography is a powerful and effective data-hiding technique that has received great interest in recent years due to its effectiveness in maintaining the security of data transferred over the internet. To provide safe data transfer, various steganography technologies have lately been presented and developed. Steganography and encryption are basic methods of securing data exchange. A new algorithm is encrypted based on text messages and exchanges the bit positions around a key point using the Bi- LSB (Bi-Least Significant Bit) method. After adding the hidden message, the changed audio file appears to be the original carrier file. In comparison to previous experiments, the suggested approach increases hiding capacity by 30% while maintaining an acceptable stego. The Signal to noise (SNR) is 69.2 DB.

Keywords: Audio Steganography, LSB, Bit Cycling Encryption and Audio Security