Volume 9 Issue 3 ( September 2022 )


Fuzzy Expert System for Determining State of Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant Based on Real-Time Data

Laxmi Kant Sagar, D Bhagwan Das


This paper presents an implementation of fuzzy expert system for determining state of a solar plant in real-time, based on reliability, economy, and possible improper operations of the system components, using streaming real-time data of the solar plant. The reliability depends on the state of battery charge and the available backup time. The economy depends on the purchase of power from the utility supply. Improper operation of the system could be due to faulty or mal-operation of a component that could degrade the performance of plant. The proposed fuzzy expert system was developed for a 40 kWp Hybrid Solar power plant installed at Dayalbagh Educational Institute. The system determines the state of the plant in terms of reliability, economy, and possibility of improper operations under real-time conditions. In addition to reliability and economy being the key parameters, much focus has been placed on improper operations and corrective measures have been suggested.

Keywords: expert system; fuzzy logic; reliability; economy; improper operations