Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Experimental Study of Wind Turbine Power Generation Utilizing Discharged Air of Air Conditioner Blower

Raed A. Jessam


The world's energy demand has become unbridled in the past years. The increasing demand for conventional energy sources (fossil fuels, nuclear) became under tremendous pressure which is resulting from continuous use of it. This continuous use leads to a scarcity of fossil fuels. This has sparked widespread research in the field of unconventional energy sources such as hydro energy, wind energy and thermal energy. Wind can be used as a renewable energy to generate the electrical energy. In the current study, the wind of the air conditioning exhaust has been utilized as a renewable energy to generate the electrical energy. The wind speed is relatively stable every time, this feature encourages the use of air conditioning exhaust. Different wind speed for three types of air conditioning 1HP, 2HP and 3HP was investigated experimentally. The maximum wind speed with 3 HP was 7.1 m/s and 7.2 m/s with anemometer attached to the blower of air conditioner at distance 24 cm on the left and right of the middle of air conditioner blower, respectively. The wind turbine has the ability to convert the wind energy of blower into electrical energy. The wind turbine, Savonius type L, was connected together with direct current (DC) generator and alternating current (AC) generator and fixed inside the Perspex duct. The Perspex duct was connected to the air conditioning exhaust. It was obtained the AC generator can generate voltage 35 V, current 0.51 A and output power14.28 W with adopting 3 HP capacity air conditioner. While the DC generator can generate 46 V, current 0.32 A and output power 14.72 W with adopting 3 HP capacity air conditioner. The generated electrical energy can be used for operating small devices that is need low amount voltage or to turn on the LED lights.

Keywords: air conditioning exhaust, AC and DC power generators, power generation, Savonius type L wind turbine