Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Optimization and Validation of Solar Pump Performance by MATLAB Simulink and RSM

Vineet Singh, Vinod Singh Yadav, Manoj Kumar, Niraj Kumar


In this paper, a 335 W solar panel with a centrifugal pump combined system was simulated in MATLAB Simulink 2018 with fuzzy logic-based MPPT, and the voltage, current, power, and discharge four output responses were determined at different values of solar flux, module temperature, and atmospheric temperature. Further, the output responses voltage, current, power output, and discharge data have been optimized in Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The output data of RSM and MATLAB Simulink is used to determine the solar pump's theoretical performance and overall efficiency. Finally, the RSM-optimized results of solar pumps are validated with the experimental results of the solar pump. The experimental setup consists of 15 panels of 335 W power and a 5 hp submersible pump operated by an AC motor. The experimental data were collected from 15/01/2020 to 15/12/2020. The optimization of the solar pump by the three most important variables solar flux, module temperature, and the atmosphere temperature is very new and unique since the selected input variables maximize the overall performance of the solar pump.

Keywords: Photovoltaic; Submersible pump; Discharge; Head; Exegetic efficiency; Temperature.