Kyushu University Program for Leading Graduate Schools



The Green Asia Program aims to develop science and technology leaders who have the ability to deliver environmental and energy innovation from Asia to the world.


•5-year consistent doctoral course

•Generous financial support
  −GA subsidy, and Financial support for overseas experiences, etc.
•Small numbers of exceptional students and internationalization
  −Selecting elite students from Japan and abroad and educating them in small numbers.

−Campus life in English, and experience-based learning on societies and cultures in

 countries throughout Asia.

•Fulfilling curriculum
  −Wide range of subjects including specialty, expanded specialty, sociology/economics, etc.
  −Laboratory rotation, short-/long-term internships, etc.
•Multilevel learning support
  −A group of instructors and teachers named Mentoring Care Unit (MCU): Up to five  instructors/teachers per one student
  −Strong collaboration of industry, academia and government

Workshop in Dazaifu


More details

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Subject for enrolling GA is lab. in the following 4 majors

–Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences (Department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials, Department of Molecular and Material Sciences and Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering)
–Department of Earth Resources Engineering in Graduate School of Engineering