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Weather Cancellation Policy

IGSES does not normally cancel classes due to bad weather except for occasions when the Japan Meteorological Agency issues warnings or emergency warnings of storm, heavy rains or local flooding for Fukuoka area at Fukuoka Prefecture (hereafter "warnings"").

(1) Classes may be cancelled if warnings are issued either before or during the class sessions, and public transport services (JR Kagoshima Line and Nishitetsu Omuta Line) are or might be suspended.

(2) Classes may be held in case of warning cancellation.

  • ▶ If warnings are cancelled by 06:00 and public transportation is in operation, classes will be held from the first period.
  • ▶ if warnings are cancelled by 10:00 and the public transportation is in operation, the classes will be held from the third period.


 Above-mentioned “warnings” can be checked on the Japan Meteorological Agency website.

● Classes involving a small group of students such as research guidance may be provided after due consultation between responsible professors and students.