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Oct 7, 2016

2016 Welcome Party for New International Students

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Sep 05, 2016

【CAMPUS Asia Program】

MEXT Minister’s Award in Engineering Education

 Japanese Society of Engineering Education (JSEE) highly evaluated our CAMPUS Asia program and awarded Engineering Education Award (MEXT Minister’s Award in Engineering and Education). At the occasion of its 2016 annual meeting, award ceremony was held at September 5, 2016 in Osaka University and the CA program has got Award Certificate shown below. Evaluated achievements were “JSEE highly evaluated CAMPUS Asia EEST programs which have been operated under consortium of three universities (Kyushu University, Pusan National University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University) for their high level of education and contribution of international exchange of students. After the ceremony, the CA program got a chance to introduce the program to the audience.

 Details of the CA program will be published in Journal of JSEE Vol. 64(2016) No. 5 pp. 100-105.

Takashi Fukushima, Director, Technical Education Division (Representative of MEXT Minister, left side) giving Certificate award (above)


 CAMPUS Asia Office


Jun 04, 2016

KIISA Saga Trip

Mar 26, 2016

Intercultural Exchange: OHANAMI

107 people from 17 countries gathered at Chikushi Campus for OHANAMI and BBQ.

Dec-24, 2015

Kuma Toshimi International Scholarship Exchange Meeting

Dec-07, 2015

Opening Ceremony of Kyushu University Satellite Office in Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology

Oct-02, 2015

Welcome Party for New International Students in Chikushi Campus

Dear members of Chikushi Campus,


This is to inform you of the welcome party for newly enrolled international students in Chikushi Campus.

This party will be hosted by Kyushu University IGSES International Students Association (KIISA) to welcome the new students and to promote amity among int'l students and Japanese students and also faculty member in Chikushi Campus. The party will be held as below, and everyone is welcome to attend!

May-12, 2015

IGSES International Sports Day and Welcome BBQ

Dear Members and Friends of IGSES,


We are hosting a sporting event to welcome the new international students as well to spice up the cultural exchange momentum on Chikushi campus.

Let’s enjoy sports with everyone and meeting new people from all different backgrounds. Everyone is welcome!

April-24, 2015

Safety and Crime Prevention Seminar for International Students

Dear International students in IGSES,


Please be informed that we are having “Safety and Crime Prevention Seminar for International Students” by Fukuoka prefectural police department and Kasuga police station. In this seminar, the useful Japanese culture and custom will be taught and explained the things you should know to prevent from committing crimes and being involved in accidents. Do not miss this opportunity to learn very valuable information for international students. This seminar is not mandatory, but please participate in this seminar to protect yourself. This seminar is not only for new international students, all the international students in IGSES are welcome.


Best regards,


Akira Harata

Dean of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences

Mar-28, 2015

Intercultural Exchange: OHANAMI

84 peoples from 16 countries gathered at Chikushi campus for OHANAMI and barbecue.