The Chikushi area of Kyushu University opens its campus once a year to the general public to give a simple introduction to our research activities and the experimental facilities that we actually use. We also provide consultations on our graduate school experiments.

Please feel free to stop by.
■Open Campus update■

Our open campus for 2014 will be held on May 10th, 2014(Saturday),
from 10:00AM to 5:00PM
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■Past Open Campus information■
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■Open Campus Day■
Here are the images from our past Open Campus Day.
Snapshot 1  Snapshot 2  Participant comments  Snapshot 3 (2005)  Snapshot 4 (2006)
■ Q&A Page■
Here are the key questions and comments we have received and our responses.
■Main participating organizations of the past (departments)■
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences Health Sciences Center
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Institute for Materials Science and Engineering Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research
Kyushu University Central Analysis Center
General Affairs Desk, Chikushi Administration Department, Kyushu University
6-1, Kasuga Koen, Kasuga City, 816-8580 TEL: (092)583-7502