Volume 2 Issue 2 ( September 2015 )

Pages 1-4

Design of a Semi-confocal Fluorescence Microscope for Observing Excitation Spectrum of Soluble Molecules Adsorbed at the Air/water Interface

Haiya Yang, Akira Harata


A semi-confocal fluorescence microscope is designed and constructed aiming to observe fluorescence excitation spectrum of soluble molecules adsorbed at the air/water interface. With a conventional confocal fluorescence microscope, the target molecules of pyrene arises some difficulties: excitation wavelength in deep ultraviolet forces low transmission performance of microscopic objectives and low wavelength-tunable performance of an excitation laser. A total internal reflection illumination with a light-guide coupled monochromated-xenon lamp is combined with the confocal fluorescence microscope. Theoretical feasibility and performance of the microscope are discussed with preliminary results obtained.

Keywords: ScFM, the air/water interface, excitation spectrum, fluorescence spectrum, pyrene.