Volume 3 Issue 2 ( September 2016 )

Pages 45-53

Developments of Coal-Fired Power Plants: Microscopy Study of Fe-Ni Based Heat-Resistant Alloy for Efficiency Improvement

Hiroshi Akamine, Masatoshi Mitsuhara , Minoru Nishida


Anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are one of the possible reasons for the global warming. Coal consumption is predicted to be increased over several decades due to increasing demands in some countries. In the medium-term energy strategy, coal-fired power plants thus need to be developed. For this purpose, developments of new heat-resistant alloys that can stand severe steam conditions in advanced power plants are essential. A potential alloy was studied, which revealed that hardness of the alloy is related to the distribution of precipitates. The development of the alloy is also vital to make the power plants more economically competitive.

Keywords: global warming, coal-fired power plants, heat-resistant alloy, electron microscopy