Volume 4 Issue 1 ( March 2017 )

Pages 52-57

Implementation of Unstructured Multi-dimensional THINC for Practical Multi-Phase Flow Simulations

Mohamed M. Kamra, Changhong Hu


This work presents an application of the Unstructured Multi-dimensional Tangent Hyperbolic Interface Capturing (UMTHINC), volume of fluid, scheme for the multi-phase solution of free surface flows on unstructured mesh. The applicability of the UMTHINC to practical engineering problems with interfacial multiphase flow is investigated and the accuracy of the results are reported. The UMTHINC is integrated into an in-house unstructured incompressible flow solver and used as an engine to capture the moving interface. The well-known dam break problems with and without an obstacle are used to evaluate the accuracy and performance of the scheme. This work is limited to two dimensional cases with no turbulence modeling. The relationship between the sharpness parameter β, and CFL number is examined and reported. The results are well analyzed and compared to experimental data wherever possible. The results show that the UMTHINC interface capturing method is able to accurately capture the interface without the complexity and computation cost of the geometrical reconstruction method.

Keywords: Multi-phase fluid dynamics; unstructured grid; interfacial flow.