Volume 4 Issue 4 ( December 2017 )

Pages 16-23

Research and Technical Trend in Nuclear Fusion in Japan

Ryota Yoneda


The energy shortage in near future has been a hot topic. Many countries and companies have introduced clean energy technologies such as solar, wind and water. In general, a large part of electricity comes from fire power plant. It is almost impossible to replace all of the fire plants into clean energy power plants since they cannot provide electricity stably. Nuclear fusion power has been considered as an ultimate solution for energy crisis and has been developed since the 1950s. Now it has come to the phase of practical power generation. A large construction of fusion reactor is in progress in France as an international cooperation. In this paper, we investigate Japan’s R & D trend of nuclear fusion especially in tokamak reactor by making comparison with other countries to show future contribution to fusion society.

Keywords: nuclear fusion, energy diversity, magnetic confinement fusion.