Volume 4 Issue 4 ( December 2017 )

Pages 24-29

Current Situation and Future Scope of Biomass Gasification in Japan

Yuki Furutani1, Koyo Norinaga, Shinji Kudo, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Tomoaki Watanabe


In this study, we investigated current situation of biomass gasification plants in 5 cities (c.a. Murayama City, Chichibu City, Ueno Village, Oshu City and Yamaguchi City) in Japan, and make R&D policy proposals to expand the biomass gasification plants. Four cities have commonly promoted the efficient heat utilization such as snow melting, drying the wood and supplying hot water into mushroom bed and hot spring. However, heat utilization is limited in a small area because heat loss is generated during the long-distance transportation. In order to obtain energy forms suitable for the long-distance transportation, such as hydrogen gas and electricity, the R&D of biomass gasification with hydrogen production or combined with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) should be promoted in the future.

Keywords: biomass gasification, CHP, hydrogen energy.