Volume 5 Issue 1 ( March 2018 )

Pages 43-51

Multiscale Modeling Study of the Adsorption of CO2 Using Different Capture Materials

Dina M. Abouelella, Seif-Eddeen K. Fateen, Mai M. K. Fouad


The removal of CO2 from flue gases is one of the potential mitigation measures to address the climate change problem. To that end, adsorption is a promising technology that is currently being developed. The scope of the present work is to study the mass transfer profiles at multiscale levels for adsorption CO2 and the effects of both macropores and micropores for different sorbents. A one-dimensional multi-scale model has been developed to produce breakthrough curves for adsorption CO2 from gas streams using different capture material. The developed model matched literature experimental data reasonably well for three different sorbents at different operating conditions.

Keywords: Adsorption, breakthrough curve, modeling, CO2Capture, CFD