Volume 5 Issue 1 ( March 2018 )

Pages 52-61

A Modified Double Slope Basin Type Solar Distiller: Experimental and Enviro–Economic Study

Piyush Pal, Ajaya Ketan Nayak, Rahul Dev


This paper investigates thermal performance of modified double slope basin type solar distiller (MDSBSD) located at the roof of Mechanical Engineering Department, M.N.N.I.T. Allahabad (25.45°N, 81.85°E), Uttar Pradesh, India. In this study, solar still is fabricated with FRP (basin and north wall) and Acrylic (east, west and south walls) material to enhance the heat input and yield rate. Experiments were conducted to predict their performance, exergy and enviroeconomic analysis (carbon credits), distillate quality and economic feasibility. Maximum distillate yield of 2744 ml/day was obtained at 1 cm water depth in the month of November, 2015. Maximum energy efficiency and exergy efficiency noticed were 26.74% and 1.94%, respectively. Energy payback and payback time of the solar still were around 1.33 years and 235 days, respectively and it can prevent 15.16 tons of CO2 emission during 15 years of lifetime.

Keywords: solar energy, design modification, desalination, exergy, carbon credit.