Volume 5 Issue 1 ( March 2018 )

Pages 62-72

Analysis of Modified Solar Water Heating System Made of Transparent Tubes & Insulated Metal Absorber

Kirti Tewari, Rahul Dev


Modified solar water heating system (MSWHS) of 200L is a modification over the existing technologies of flat plate collector and evacuated tubular collector. In the present communication, MSWHS has been modeled using MATLAB R2014a and evaluated for the climatic data of Allahabad, India for the year 2015-16. The maximum temperature of water in the storage tank and tubes of collector have been found to be 85 ºC and 89 ºC in the month of May respectively. The parametric study has also been carried out. Further, the study has also been extended for life cycle assessment and cost analysis of the setup. The embodied energy of the setup is found to be 1658.73kWh.

Keywords: Flat plat collector (FPC), Evacuated tube collector (ETC), methyl methacrylate (Acrylic), Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).