Volume 5 Issue 2 ( June 2018 )

Pages 26-35

Economic Feasibility Study of E-Waste Recycling Facility in Egypt

Tarek M. Mostafa, Dina S. Sarhan


On a global scale, the high consumption of electric and electronic equipment (EEE) leads to mounting volumes of e-waste. The e-waste problem in Egypt is not very well assessed, so a feasibility study for an e-waste dismantling facility in Cairo is introduced in this research. This feasibility study aims to provide a guide to set up an economically viable e-waste recycling business by calculating the main costs and revenues of the recycling system taking into account the environmental standards. The profit and loss predictions showed that the facility would gain revenues of USD 708,659 after a 5-year of operation.

Keywords: Egypt, E-waste, E-Waste streams, Feasibility study, Recycling facility, WEEE.