Volume 5 Issue 2 ( June 2018 )

Pages 78-85

Key Factors of Solar Energy Progress in Bangladesh until 2017

Marzia Khanam, Muhammad Faisal Hasan, Takahiko Miyazaki, Bidyut Baran Saha, Shigeru Koyama


Renewable energy (RE) is the potential solution to the current world’s problems pertaining to the energy crisis and environmental concerns. Like other countries Bangladesh, which is currently starving for energy, has given more importance to RE especially solar energy to mitigate the energy-related problems. According to RE policy of Bangladesh, the targeted RE share was 5% to be achieved by 2015 (500 MW). At the beginning of 2018, the country was able to install ~506 MW from RE sources (3.10%), in which significant portion comes from solar energy. The factors that contributed mainly to achieve the target are government policies and initiatives, international influence, solar panel price reduction, private sector participation, public awareness. In this study, the influences of these factors have been discussed. Besides, the technologies implemented for the fulfillment of RE share target has been analyzed.

Keywords: Bangladesh, solar energy, progress, potential, factors.