Volume 5 Issue 2 ( June 2018 )

Pages 86-92

Accidents in Thai Industry between 2001 and 2017

Pennapa Tungjiratthitikan


Industry in a developing country may experience some operational hazards compared to developed countries. Most safety-related industrial misfortunes might be due to the lack of proper training programs resulted from some economic and educational drawbacks. Thus, the number of accidents in the industry is prone to be high due to the limitation of skills; for example, machine operation and chemical handling, etc. This paper presents the historical statistics of industrial related incidents in Thailand and the industrial estate around Thailand. Types of accident and the number of injuries or deaths from 2000 to 2017 are collated. General effects after the occurrence of the accident will be discussed including the related regulatory acts of Thailand and the case study of some industrial accidents.

Keywords: Industrial accident; Industrial safety; Safety regulations; Thai industry