Volume 5 Issue 3 ( September 2018 )

Pages 1-11

3D Finite Difference Time Domain Simulation of Microwave Propagation in a Coaxial Cable Harini Sosiati, Yankeisna Auda Shofie and Aris Widyo Nugroho

Ali Yousefian, Naoji Yamamoto


We developed a three dimensional FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) approximation to Maxwell’s equations simulation for propagation of TEM (Transverse Electro-Magnetic) microwaves in a coaxial cable. The model consists of a standard coaxial cable using a 3D Cartesian coordinate system with a microwave input of 10Ws and a frequency of 24GHz. This simulation considers a realistic input of microwave electromagnetic fields utilizing a plane format in the cable and the results are compared to the conventional four point input method. Furthermore the challenges of converting a cylindrical cable to a Cartesian grid system are discussed and their influence on the accuracy of the simulation is analyzed.

Keywords: FDTD, Numerical Simulation, Electric Propulsion, Microwave.