Volume 5 Issue 3 ( September 2018 )

Pages 22-33

Review and Preliminary Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle based on Turbine Inlet Temperature

Manish Sharma, Rahul Dev


A comprehensive review of various applications is done with an emphasis on power generation using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The effect of working fluids and different configuration is analysed with varying Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT). A parametric study for first law efficiency analysis is also done to get a better insight of the ORC. The results obtained suggest the reheat and recuperated cycle as most reasonable option for low temperature power generation. The maximum first law efficiency attained, at turbine inlet temperature of 150°C, are 8.99%, 9.68%, 9.79%, 10.39%, 10.83% and 11.48% for R-254fa, R-236fa, R-236fa, R-227ea, R-134a and R-152a respectively. The results also show that the reheat cycle should not be applied to low temperature applications.

Keywords: Rankine cycle, organic working fluid, power generation, turbine inlet temperature.