Volume 5 Issue 3 ( September 2018 )

Pages 34-37

Contribution of Catalytic Performance of CeO2 in Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Reaction

Yusuke Egawa, Shoma Hamada, Hisahiro Einaga


Benzene is a harmful material that must be to be removed from flue gases. In this study, the performance of a surface discharge plasma-catalysis combined reactor for benzene decomposition was studied. Benzene conversion and CO2 selectivity increased upon loading a CeO2 catalyst onto the plasma reactor. The conversion and selectivity depended on the surface area of the CeO2. FTIR studies revealed that byproduct organic compounds are formed on the CeO2, confirming that benzene oxidation occurs on the CeO2 catalysts.

Keywords: benzene conversion, CeO2, nonthermal plasma, plasma catalysis