Volume 6 Issue 1 ( March 2019 )

Pages 29-38

Characterization of Sodium-Bicarbonate-Treated Zalacca Fibers as Composite Reinforcements

Wahyu P. Raharjo, Rudy Soenoko, Anindito Purnowidodo, Agus Choiron


This research is to study the improvement of chemical, physical and mechanical properties of zalacca fibers after NaHCO3 treatment. It was carried out by immersion in 10% NaHCO3 solution for 24, 120 and 240 h. Fiber content analysis and FTIR showed an increase of cellulose and a decrease of hemicellulose and lignin content. XRD indicated an increase of crystallinity. SEM revealed cleaning and roughening effects on the fiber surface. TGA-DTA revealed a slight decrease in thermal stability. The tensile testing showed that the highest tensile strength and elastic modulus were obtained by the treatment for 120 h.

Keywords: zalacca fibers, sodium bicarbonate, chemical treatment, crystallinity.