Volume 6 Issue 1 ( March 2019 )

Pages 52-58

Effects of Surgical Staff Turning Motion on Airflow Distribution Inside a Hospital Operating Room

Wong Keng Yinn, Haslinda Mohamed Kamar, Nazri Kamsah, Alia Sofia Norazam


This study aims to evaluate the influence of manikin's turning motion on the airflow field in an operating room. A simplified three-dimensional model of the operating room was developed using computational fluid dynamics method. The RNG k-ε turbulence model was used to predict the airflow distribution. The manikin movement was introduced using a user-defined function code. Results show that the bent-forearm and upright turnings of the manikin could increase the airflow velocity in the surgical zone by 35% and 23%, respectively.

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, airflow simulation, manikin movement model.