Volume 6 Issue 1 ( March 2019 )

Pages 65-70

Study on the Effectiveness of Ozonation Technique in Preventing Scale Precipitation on Closed System Cooling Towers

M.I. Alhamid, S. Bismo, I.T. Ramadhan, A. Yatim


A cooling tower is a unit that helps the process of heat dissipation. Thus, thermal effectiveness is a vital variable for cooling tower performance. Scale precipitation can obstruct thermal effectiveness of the heat exchange unit due to its natural high thermal resistance properties. The ozonation process is expected to decrease the potential of scale precipitation thereby improving cooling tower thermal performance. Cooling water is circulated from the tower before ozone and UV rays are applied. This study aims to determine the characteristics of the effects of ozonation on the overall thermal fouling resistance of forced draft type – counter flow - closed system cooling towers and the quality of water circulation by using the Practical Ozone Scaling Index and Langelier Saturation Index methods. Water quality from closed system cooling towers is determined by conducting laboratory tests. The results obtained from this study indicate that when ozone is present the overall thermal tower resistance of the closed system cooling towers is reduced by 7 x10-6 m2K/W. Ozone can also improve the water quality of closed system cooling towers.

Keywords: Cooling Tower; Ozonization Technique; Scale Prevention; Water Quality Improvement.