Volume 6 Issue 1 ( March 2019 )

Pages 85-91

Identification of CNT Growth Region and Optimum Time for Catalyst Oxidation: Experimental and Modelling Studies of Flame Synthesis

N. Hamzah, M.F. Mohd Yasin, M.Z.M. Yusop, M.T. Zainal, M.A.F. Rosli


Control improvement of carbon nanotubes synthesis in flames requires synergistic computational and experimental studies. The present study investigated distribution of carbon nanotubes growth region within methane diffusion flame using acid dipped nickel wire. The carbon nanotubes growth occurred in a narrow range between 4 to 6 mm height above the burner. Nickel wire oxidation in nitric acid within 90 seconds to 260 seconds favors formation of carbon nanotubes. Prediction of the carbon nanotubes growth region using multi-scale modelling method achieved a reasonable agreement with the experimental results though the region of no growth was not reproduced due to the exclusion of soot formation modelling.

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, flame synthesis, diffusion flame, model.