Volume 6 Issue 1 ( March 2019 )

Pages 92-97

Effect of Polypropylene Plastic Waste as Co-feeding for Production of Pyrolysis Oil from Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

Eny Kusrini, Dijan Supramono, Muhammad Idrus Alhamid, Saeful Pranata, Lee D. Wilson, Anwar Usman


In this study, a pyrolysis oil product from slow co-pyrolysis of plastic waste (polypropylene, PP) with palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) was obtained using a fixed-bed reactor. The effect of EFB to PP mass ratio on the physical and chemical properties of pyrolysis oil product was studied. The effect of PP waste toward the properties for pyrolysis oil product yields a lesser amount of oxygenated species, where the pH is similar to a commercial fuel. Co-feeding of PP has a potential in improving the physical and chemical properties of the pyrolysis-oil product as a fuel by lowering its corrosiveness.

Keywords: slow co-pyrolysis, co-feeding, empty fruit bunches, polypropylene, pyrolysis oil