Volume 6 Issue 2 ( June 2019 )

Pages 157-161

Tubular Photobioreactor: A Preliminary Experiment Using Synechococcus sp. (Cyanobacteria) Cultivated in NPK Media for Biomass Production as Biofuel Feedstock

Sulthan Rafii Ardiansyah, Aliff Muhammad Orlando, Arif Rahman, Nining Betawati Prihantini, and Nasruddin


Photobioreactor (PBr) is a system that usually used for producing high amount of biomass. This system was designed for supplying multiple factor that providing a good biological condition for growth of the microalgae contained in the system. This research used Synechococcus sp. HS-9, an indigenous cyanobacteria isolated from Rawa Danau hot spring, Banten. This strain was selected because their ability to adapt and reproduce. Synechococcus sp. HS-9 was inoculated into two units of tubular photobioreactor (tPBr) along with NPK medium and then observed using turbidimeter. This strain of cyanobacteria is grown up to 4.44 x 106 cells/mL (tPBr-1) and 4.29 x 106 cells/mL (tPBr-2) (cell number) or 56.5 NTU (tPBr-1) and 55.9 NTU (turbidity) after eleven days. The results showed that combination of NPK media, tPBr system, and Synechococcus sp. HS-9 are producing potential biomass for biofuel feedstock. This research also proved that use of NPK media as growth medium are promising, because of the good efficiency of cost production.

Keywords: Tubular, Photobioreactor, Synechococcus sp., NPK, Biofuel.