Volume 6 Issue 2 ( June 2019 )

Pages 162-167

Design, Construction and Preliminary Test Operation of BPPT-3MW Condensing Turbine Geothermal Power Plant

BambangTeguh Prasetyo, Suyanto, MAM Oktaufik, Himawan S.


BPPT of Indonesia has developed 3MW condensing turbine type geothermal power plant (GPP) with maximum local content. The design of GPP is based on KMJ-68 well characteristic data of Pertamina Geothermal Energy located at Kamojang West-Java. KMJ-68 well data are; steam dominated, 12bara well head pressure, 1.7% NCG, 33ton/hour steam flow rate. The construction has been completed and is currently being operated for early stage performance testing. Until early 2018, the BPPT’s GPP has generated 15,572kWh of electricity, with the highest load of 1.3MW. The thermal efficiency of the turbine-generator system reaches 81% for loads of about 1MW.

Keywords: renewable energy resource, small scale geothermal power plant, condensing turbine