Volume 6 Issue 2 ( June 2019 )

Pages 177-189

A systematic review of Green Human Resource Management

Bahareh Shahriari, Akbar Hassanpoor, Abdolrahim Navehebrahim, Saeed Jafarinia


The purpose of this research was to present a systematic review of literature on green human resource management over the past ten years, which was the best way to share useful research data for researchers and managers and develop the literature in this field. We have identified the factors, the functions and the amount of attention to them and the gaps. The results represented that the selection and recruitment, training and development functions with 87.5% and 75% had the highest attention and discipline management and socialization with 6.25% and 3.12%, had the least attention. The main gaps were the lack of comprehensive studies and research about GHRM in undeveloped countries and Asia and also a cross-cultural model.

Keywords: Green management, Green human resource management, systematic literature review.