Volume 6 Issue 3 ( September 2019 )

Pages 200-206

Effect of SiC Reinforced Particle Parameters in the Development of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composite

Manish Maurya, Nagendra Kumar Maurya, Vivek Bajpai


This study investigates the effect of addition of SiC particles on Al 6061 alloy. The composites are prepared with varied (0, 2, 4, 6 and 8) weight percent of SiC particles through electromagnetic stir casting technique. Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) is employed to examine the microstructure of the fabricated composite and results depict that SiC content were uniformly dispersed in the Al 6061 matrix. Density of the composite is increased due to high density of SiC particles in comparison to Al 6061 alloy. Hardness and tensile tests are performed to investigate the mechanical properties of composite. The hardness and tensile strength is significantly improved up to 8 wt % of SiC particles. The novelty of this archival work lie in fact that few experiments have been carried out for Al 6061/SiC composite and some significant insight for the electromagnetic stir casting is achieved in the performed experiment.

Keywords: Micro-structural analysis, Density, Hardness and Tensile strength.