Volume 6 Issue 3 ( September 2019 )

Pages 225-229

Thermal Behavior and Characteristic of Pangandaran Natural Zeolite

Dyah Arum Wulandari, Nasruddin, Euis Djubaedah


Indonesia spread between many ocean and contain of so many islands which has lots of volcanoes that produce natural resources for example natural zeolite. It usually used for water treatment, catalyst and fertilizer but less in cooling application. The alternative use of cooling system which used solar energy is adsorption. This research intend to characterize natural zeolite from one area in Indonesia depend on their thermal behavior and other characteristic that useful for an adsorbent. The result show that it could be a great adsorbent according to its characteristic such as indicate from surface area, comparison of Silica and Alumina and other characteristic result.

Keywords: adsorption, adsorbent, natural zeolite, thermal characteristic