Volume 6 Issue 3 ( September 2019 )

Pages 230-239

Investigation of Factors Influencing the Choice of Smartphone Banking in Bangladesh

Santus Kumar Deb, Nibir Deb, Showvon Roy


Now a day Smartphone Banking is considered as an essential part of a knowledge-based economy. This Manuscript theme is to examine the factors that are influencing the choice of Smartphone banking services. A conceptual model is designed to provide valuable insight and investigate various choice requirements to be considered in Smartphone banking services. The study focuses on the quantitative approach as it’s fully based on empirical data collected from structural questionnaires and background information from the previous study with various secondary sources. In this examine, a statistical approach like regression analysis is used to identify and measure the influences of choice factors of Smartphone Banking services. The study found that Privacy and Security, Perceived Financial Cost, Convenience, and Network/Internet of Smartphone substantially influence of Smartphone services choice to the clients. Researchers suggested that perceived ease of use, usefulness and customers’ needs are considered additional factors of Smartphone banking services adoption in forthcoming.

Keywords: adoption, customers’ expectation, knowledge economy, smartphone banking services.