Volume 6 Issue 3 ( September 2019 )

Pages 240-245

Attitude toward Bioremediation-Related Technology and Relation with Company Social Responsibility

Santisak Kitjanukit


For sustainable wastewater treatment, bioremediation technology was introduced. Due to its complexity, peoples being skeptical and start to refuse. This making the installation of such technology become more difficult. To prevent conflict between the company and the local, public acceptance is needed to be evaluated and improved. CSR activity was found to be a booster promoting a trust toward the company, it is expected to boost positive perception as well. This study surveyed the attitude toward bioremediation and CSR activity participation. Data analysis found that people believe that bioremediation is an environmental-friendly approach and is a long-term solution for wastewater treatment. Peoples with CSR activity experience tended to have higher positive perception score than non-experienced. The results illustrated that if the company giving accurate, adequate information and doing appropriate CSR activity, social’s positive perception toward bioremediation could be improved.

Keywords: bioremediation, positive perception, company social responsibility