Volume 7 Issue 1 (March 2020)

Pages 26-31

Surface Area Modification of Natural Zeolite Through NaCl Counterbalanced Treatment to Apply in Adsorption Heat Storage System

Euis Djubaedah, Dyah Arum Wulandari, Nasruddin, Yuni K. Krisnandi


The natural zeolite from Blitar deposits, a region of Indonesia were studied by simultaneous surface area and porosity measurement used BET analysis. XRD analysis was performed and the result was the natural zeolite contained mordenite and clinoptilolite and small quantities of quartz. From the pattern is also evident that the treatment doesn’t affect the mineralogical structure, patterns are identical. Thermophysical analysis, morphology and Si/Al ratio were measured. The surface area increases significantly for natural zeolite after NaCl counterbalance treatment.

Keywords: adsorption; natural zeolite; NaCl counterbalanced; surface area